Monday, July 3, 2017


I pass a chuck wagon every day on my way out of town. Bacon and eggs, biscuits and gravy, nothing for me, right?  Wrong.  How I dreamed of the day I’d see the “V” word on their menu chalkboard, and then it happened.  Jackfruit tacos.  Time to do a U turn and go back and be sure I didn’t read incorrectly while travelling at 30 miles an hour.

The Green Goat, found at the corner of Martin Luther King and Wood Streets in southern Fayetteville, offers Cuban-Florida cuisine with a nod toward Ozark cooking.  Owner Erin Walsh brings innovation to the menu, with the vegan tacos being a good example.

Jack fruit is a giant relative of the fig family.  It yields a starchy, fibrous pulp which carries a subtle sweet flavor which tends to blend well with sauces and spices, much like tofu.  Put a little BBQ sauce on it and you’ve got a vegan’s answer to pulled pork.  These tacos come with homemade mojo dipping sauce - cumin, garlic, olive oil and just the right amount of tangy lime.
Rice & Bean Empanada, Mojo Sauce and the Jackfruit Taco (open faced)

While I was there, my vegan exploration carried on to the empanadas.  They substitute rice and beans for the “meaty” filling.  There’s also vegan Thai coconut soup, fried avocado, and yuka fries.

It didn’t matter a bit that I was standing alongside the truck when the heavens opened and soaked me to the skin.  I was carrying a vegan feast to-go from….a chuck wagon.  Who knew?!

The Green Goat
583 S Wood Street
Fayetteville, AR


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