Friday, June 9, 2017


Delux Burger, now known as Beer Kitchen and Liquor Bar, for its wide selection of craft beers, is located just in back of Chipotle on Fayetteville’s Dickson Street.  During my recent visit to The Catfish Hole, their hostess recommended the Chipotle bean burger available at Delux Burger.

Beer Kitchen has a casual bistro atmosphere which makes for a refreshing place to gather and celebrate life’s victories, even if it’s just getting through another work week.  And for those of us whose friends think “burgers and fries” are two of the four basic food groups, we can join them in the festivities here and enjoy a vegan meal.

The Chipotle Bean Burger is mildly spicy and satisfying, and it comes with  meaty (well, you know what I mean) fries.We’re pretty sure the brioche bun is vegan, (I do wear out my servers with questions they are not expecting), although I was sorry I hadn’t opted for the alternative – a large flour tortilla which would make my burger a wrap.  
Next time.

Or, I might try the Asian or Kale Salad with a bean burger patty crumbled over the greens in place of the chicken.  Mmmmm…..  Then there is the Fried Pickles (you don’t have to be pregnant) or “Bomb” Onion Rings, as I have the assurance from the kitchen that no milk or egg are used in the batter for these appetizers.

Something to note - I might not have discovered this dining spot if not for the thoughtful and genuinely enthused recommendation by a carnivore at the Catfish Hole.  Keep your ears perked and your mind open for tips from unexpected sources!

Beer Kitchen & Liquor Bar

550 West Dickson Street, Fayetteville AR


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