Monday, March 6, 2017

HELLO NINJA - Rogers, Arkansas

Like so many vegan finds, I just stumbled on this one.  Attending a conference where lunch break came and I suddenly found myself alone, I went out prowling.  Saw an Asian place - a good bet for vegan cuisine.

Hello Ninja features sushi rolls and grilled Japanese main dishes.  I tried to experience both sides, and the menu made it easy with little leaf symbols alongside vegetarian dishes.
Asparagus roll with a side of lacy beets

I can recommend the asparagus sushi rolls, expertly made with sticky rice complimenting crispy thin spears of kelly green asparagus.

Hibachi Noodles with stir fried veggies

And for the hot dish, you can’t beat the hibachi noodles.  A bed of staming semolina noodles topped with savory stir fried onion, cabbage and bell peppers.

The service was excellent.  It should be noted I tend to drive my servers mad with numerous questions and trips to the kitchen to check ingredients and prep procedures.  If I ever get famous, I’ll no doubt have one of those reputations that make an establishment dread my appearance for this reason, but I am a good tipper.    I’ll be back to Hello Ninja to try the teriyaki tofu and the vegetable fried rice, and I’ll bring a few extra bucks to make my server not cry in her miso over so many questions.

3000 S Pinnacle Hills Parkway
Rogers, AR

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