Sunday, December 25, 2016

A (living) Turkey and Some Mistletoe....

Not everyone reading this blog will be Christian, but unless you’re in a coma, it cannot have escaped your notice that we’re in the midst of a buying frenzy capable of melting a credit card, have double booked office parties, family gatherings, lunches, dinners and cocktail hours, have strung lights, tinsel, garland, popcorn, mistletoe and greeting cards over every conceivable passageway, and entered the ‘glitzy ritzy yet I can’t seem to get past the blues’ season of the year.
As I sit here alone – no, actually, in solitude, on this cloudy first Christmas in Arkansas, I am reminded of what Christmas should really mean to me.  It should be an opportunity to contemplate the loving lessons of Jesus, who set the supreme example of kindness, forgiveness and compassion.

So, as I baste my tofurkey with vegetable broth and put a generous dollop of Earth Balance margarine on my mashed sweet potatoes and organic spring peas, I wish all of you

Peace, Good Will Toward 
all Living Beings.

Diana with Neptune on Farm Sanctuary's West Coast Shelter
P.S. Sliced banana with Soy Delicious non-dairy coconut whip topping sprinkled with coconut chips makes a delightful light dessert after a festive meal.  Truly a vegan response to banana cream pie!

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