Monday, December 19, 2016

PETRA CAFE - Around the World in 30 minutes

Mediterranean cuisine is always a good bet for vegans, and Fayetteville’s Petra Café is no exception.

I’ve been to the actual Petra excavation while travelling in Jordan, and I would say the food at Petra Café is pretty authentic, replete with all the savory herbs and spices, mint, zesty lemon, generous amounts of olive oil and enough garlic to make any vampire think twice.

I devoted my first visit to their perennial favorite - the Petra Platter.  This dish gives the relative newcomer a sampler of the classic dishes from this culture – the crisp chilled tabouleh salad (diced onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley and bulger wheat) falafel, (fried chick peas topped with creamy humus), a side of baba ghanouge, (pureed eggplant, sesame seed paste and mint) and slices of fresh warm flat bread.

Their split pea soup (Wednesdays) and lentil soup (Fridays) are also vegan, and there’s the super pocket which combines all the ingredients in the Petra Platter in a flat bread rollup.  I also discovered foule on the menu, and was told it was middle eastern chili.  Must try that the next time I stop in.

Open limited hours – Monday through Saturday, 11-2:30.  It’s cozy seating, so plan on arriving before the lunch rush or doing carry out.

The awesome Petra Platter
31 E Center Stree
Faeyetteville, AR

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