Monday, December 5, 2016


There I stood at the window outside a Mexican Restaurant in Springdale, Arkansas.  I was looking at the menu.  Every meat, pork and poultry dish you can think of was not only described, it was pictured in glorious color, with ample cheese and sour cream rounding out the meal.


I stood there in vegan purgatory.  It was a Holiday.  I was hungry and nothing else was open.  I’d been forewarned by a fellow-vegetarian that the city of Springdale was “soulless”, being the epicenter of the Tyson empire.

I stepped inside.

“Do you have any vegetarian options?  I mean, could you make a dish on this menu and leave out the meat ….”  My words trailed off as Alice took over enthusiastically explaining she had vegan (vegan!) friends who came in frequently, and she knew just how to adapt her traditional Salvadorain/Honduran cuisine to accommodate the vegan diet.

Five minutes later I was enjoying a sumptuous burrito chocked full of rice, pinto beans, lettuce, tomato, onions cilantro and just the right amount of salsa.  I asked her to take my picture –  “Woman plunging into burrito – yum!

The site of my love affair:
Salvamex Taqueria Y Restaurante
Check them out on Facebook and
visit them at 130 E Emma, Springdale, AR

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